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Narsis atau Kurang Kerjaan?

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Profile Viewed: 51 times since 3/6/2007

wew, i just realized it that i’ve viewed my profile for the 51st time since June 3rd til now. It means i open it 2 times a day at rate.

I have done my exams since June 2nd, and there weren’t any lecture we had to attend. So, i started to do mind-freshing (hahaha making vocabulary) by using my notebooks for surfing the virtual world, Internet. I surf almost every day, but I’m not kinda man who cannot live without internet. Then, I decided to do this activity just one times in two day.

Lets calculate it…

Since June 3rd til now, approximately 26 days.

I am connected to this world once in 2 days

hence, i can say that i used the internet for 26/2 days or 13 days

if, i just face my monitor only 5 hours a day, then i get 13*5 hours = 65 hours

we know that a day have 24 hours.

so, we have 65/24 = 2,7 days

Hahahaha, i do open my profile 51 times in only 2,7 days….

Narsis atau kurang kerjaan mas?

(sorry for my bad english) ^_^


Written by ray rizaldy

28 June 07 at 10:40 pm

Posted in raie

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